Jasmine Kahlia is an Acclaimed Audiovisual Artist and Outstanding Creative Practitioner, with work showcased regionally in the UK, and internationally in Spain, Germany and USA.

Jasmine has contributed significantly to the UK Arts Sector in many capacities and has been platformed by some of the largest Arts Institutions across the UK, including Wellcome Collection, Britten Pears Arts, Resonance FM, Centrala, Rich Mix, Southbank Royal Festival Hall, London Metropolitan Archives, New Diorama Theatre, Theatre Deli, British Council, UAL, Sage and BALTIC Gateshead, National Youth Theatre, Arts Admin, Raze Collective, Lighthouse Arts Centre, Sound UK and Alexandra Palace, amongst others.

Jasmine’s proved her excellence within music, short films and literature and has had work archived at Iniva, London Metropolitan Archives and been commissioned by Haringey Council, Sound UK, Tiata Fahodzi and Raze Collective. 

Jasmine Kahlia is on the 2024 WISE100 30 Ones to Watch List by Natwest and Pioneers Post.

Jasmine works across around 19 different artforms to bring their work to life.

These include: Film-making, Music Production and Sound Design, Illustration, Creative Writing, Prose and Poetry, Textile Work and much more.

Since 2016, Jasmine has led many successful installations, commissions and exhibitions, and has been recognised for the standout pieces:
  • 5 WAYS 2 RUN [Edinburgh Fringe of Colour] August 2021
  • Everythin is Temporary [2018], Archived in: Goldsmiths, UAL, Baltic Gateshead, Sittingbourne Library, Wellcome Collection and Iniva Library, amongst others.

Over the past years Jasmine Kahlia has developed a unique style documenting road culture, hood life and growing up around road violence. Jasmine spends time between radio, residencies, workshops, performances, selling zines/merchandise and making short films.

Previous work includes:
INTERFACE•TY [Rich Mix] October 2016
Road Gals LDN [Rich Mix] February 2017
Pirates Live [Arts Council, Rich Mix] August 2017
'Divine Beings' [Camden People's Theatre, Norwich Fringe Festival] March 2020, March 2022
Diosa Callejera [VAULT Festival] May 2021
5 WAYS 2 RUN [Fringe of Colour] August 2021
Tudo Bem, Todo Bien [New Diorama Theatre R&D] 2022
Finesse [Tiata Fahodzi] October 2022
Life Cycle of A Bonfire [Raze Collective Commission] February 2023

Recent projects:


  • Wild Plum Arts / Britten Pears Arts - Aug 2021
  • Strike a Light Gloucester - Sep 2021
  • New Diorama Theatre - Oct 2021 
  • Equalers Academy [Barcelona] - 2022
  • Between Silence and Sound - [Barcelona] 2022


  • Brixton Library - February 2023
  • Brick Lane Market - December 2022
  • London Spanish Book and Zine Fair - October 2022

List of work, features and commissions:

[This is a non-exhaustive list and there may be other features unmentioned]

    •    London Teen Exhibition [Tottenham, London] SOLD OUT
    •    Somewhere:To Mural
    •    Video Vexens Audiovisual installation [Dalston Hub 67, London]
    •    Curated Wired4Music Live Showcase [Rich Mix, London] SOLD OUT
    •    INTERFACE•TY [Rich Mix, London] SOLD OUT
    •    Impossibilities Performance [Royal Festival Hall, London]
    •    Performance in Germany [Haus der Jungend, Berlin]
    •    Road Gals LDN [Rich Mix, London] SOLD OUT
    •    Katalonski [Catalan TV3]
    •    Radar Radio Features
    •    Kiosk Magazine Feature
    •    Ronie Bond Magazine Feature
    •    Rich Mix Magazine Feature
    •    Pirates Live [Rich Mix, London]
    •    I dont need to see that fair
    •    Everythin is Temporary [Zine]
    •    Divine Beings [London Metropolitan University]
    •    Eyyy Wat U Sayyyiiinn [Zine]
    •    Reprezent Radio Feature
    •    Wierdo Zine Fest
    •    Divine Beings [Sold Out] Camden People’s Theatre, March 2020
    •    Bro Papi Son Zine [Sherwood Zine Library, USA]
    •    Diosa Callejera [VAULT Festival]
    •    Diosa Callejera [The Space Symposium]
    •    5 WAYS 2 RUN [Edinburgh Fringe of Colour]
    •    5 WAYS 2 RUN [Norwich Fringe Festival]
    •    5 WAYS 2 RUN [Lift Off Film Award Finalist]
    •    Wild Plum Arts + Britten Pears Arts Residency
    •    Strike a Light Gloucester Residency
    •    Ivor Novello Membership + Small Bursary
    •    MAIA Bursary [Birmingham]
    •    Sheer En-By [Rich Mix]
    •    Reprezent Radio Feature [Not Strictly: Ambs]
    •    Tudo Bem, Todo Bien [The Space]
    •    Threads Radio Guest Mix
    •    New Diorama Theatre Residency
    •    Music Equalers [British Council, Mutek ES, SAE Spain]
    •    Sound UK Generator Commission [Birmingham]
    •    Tiata Fahodzi Commission
    •    Brick Lane Marketplace
    •    Finsbury Fest Haringey Council
    •    Brixton LGBTQ Zine Fair [Annual]
    •    London in Bits Magazine Feature
    •    Alexandra Palace Marketplace and Performance
    •    Raze Collective Commission
    •    Odes To Our Undoing [USA Anthology]
    •    Music For Youth Conference Birmingham
    •    Resonance FM Radio Programme
    •    Strike a Light Residency, Gloucester 
    •    Lighthouse Arts Centre, Poole
    •    Haringey Feast Commission and performance in Alexandra Palace
    •    Performance and Q&A in London Metropolitan Archives
    •    Resident Artist with Theatre Deli


  • Theatre Deli -  Artist of the Month Exhibition
  • Raze Collective x Arts Admin: Queer Clash
  • Archived in Manchester Metropolitan University [Special Collections Museum]
  • Archived in Wellcome Collection [Rare Materials Library]
  • Top 30 Ones To Watch - WISE100 by Natwest and Pioneers Post

Zines Archived in:
UAL, Wellcome Collection, Goldsmiths, INIVA, Sittingbourne Library, Gateshead, Goldsmiths, Sherwood Zine Library [USA]

Zines / Artwork Sold to:
Gambia, Peru, Ecuador, Spain, Canada, France, India, USA.

Artwork translated into:
Catalan, Spanish, English


    •    Live Looping, Beatboxing, Rap, Sound Design

    •    Music Production, Guitar, Ukulele + Piano.

    •    Visual Arts, Painting + Illustration.

    •    Poetry, Anecdotal Work, Creative Writing, Zines + Zine-Making. 

    •    Film-making, Videography, Photography, Creative Editing.

    •    Textiles, Styling, Barbering + Hairdressing.

    •    Live Interdisciplinary Performance, Audiovisual and Technology Work. 

    •    Intermediate Lighting Design and Live Sound Engineering.

    •    Movement and dance.