Jasmine Kahlia is an acclaimed Multidisciplinary Artist, with work shown regionally in the UK, and internationally in Spain, Germany and USA.

Jasmine works across 19 different artforms to bring their work to life.

These include: Film-making, Music Production and Sound Design, Illustration, Creative Writing, Prose and Poetry, Textile Work and much more.

Since 2016, Jasmine has led many successful installations, commissions and exhibitions, and has been recognised for the standout pieces:
  • 5 WAYS 2 RUN [Edinburgh Fringe of Colour] August 2021
  • Everythin is Temporary [2018], Archived in: Goldsmiths, UAL, Baltic Gateshead, Sittingbourne Library, Wellcome Collection and Iniva Library, amongst others.

Over the past years Jasmine Kahlia has developed a unique style documenting road culture, hood life and growing up around road violence. Jasmine also reflects on multiculturalism, queer identity and diasporic heritage, and it's influence.

Previous work includes:
INTERFACE•TY [Rich Mix] October 2016
Road Gals LDN [Rich Mix] February 2017
Pirates Live [Arts Council, Rich Mix] August 2017
'Divine Beings' [Camden People's Theatre, Norwich Fringe Festival] March 2020, March 2022
Diosa Callejera [VAULT Festival] May 2021
5 WAYS 2 RUN [Fringe of Colour] August 2021
Tudo Bem, Todo Bien [New Diorama Theatre R&D] 2022
Finesse [Tiata Fahodzi] October 2022
Life Cycle of A Bonfire [Raze Collective Commission] February 2023

Recent projects:


  • Wild Plum Arts / Britten Pears Arts - Aug 2021
  • Strike a Light Gloucester - Sep 2021
  • New Diorama Theatre - Oct 2021 
  • Equalers Academy [Barcelona] - 2022
  • Between Silence and Sound - [Barcelona] 2022


  • Brixton Library - February 2023
  • Brick Lane Market - December 2022
  • London Spanish Book and Zine Fair - October 2022
  • Accelerator - November 2022